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Unemployed States Of America Posting Policy

We here at UnemployedStatesOfAmerica have decided to unite in the fight for the unemployed and employed to ensure that our rights aren't violated by government or special interest groups.

We have a strict posting policy because our members represent hard working unemployed Americans. We want to represent that on our website.

We want to unite all the unemployed and actually make a movement happen for now and in the future.

Posting Policy:

  • Absolutely no nudity or obscene material in video or photo uploads.
  • Profanity must be limited to expressing a point and not to undermine another member or the website in general.
  • Proper member etiquette is required, treat people with respect and you will get respect. And please remember, there are people from all ver the country, and they have different ideas on what is a "smart ass" or what isn't. That kind of thing varies from area to area.
  • Any violation of the posting policy may result in you being removed from this site.


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