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The Way I See It

Posted by C me cry for our Country on February 16, 2011 at 1:43 PM

The way I see it is this:


1.  The Government through the fault of their own has made sure that society seeing the unemployed, they shun them, get irrated at them, see them as hopeless and homeless just like the drug addicts in this country.

They laugh, and poke fun seeing tent cities in this country and not thinking that they could be next, for this country is at the abyss, and something so small could put it in a spin, like a WMD or Nature's Polar Shift, when electric could go down for a moment that could last for weeks.


But we fight as never before and continue to work at finding employment, with credit scores down to the bottom of hell, where this Government has seen fit to act upon at making the unemployed feel worthless and fools, but

I truly feel that the Government doesn't know with all their education how to deal with unemployment and set it aside thinking it will go away.    The words of Pelosi "It is better to get people on welfare, then to give them work."  What insanity is that?


2.  Our country's unemployed are trying, yet the new bred in the Government don't see fit to help the unemployed, by making sure the businesses that hired have their taxes hiked, the healthcare bill plan seen as not good for businesses and they sit on their money and don't hire.  They make sure that those employed see brighter days, but the unemployed every bill that could help them - the President now makes sure that the heating bill in place for displaced and people still living in homes is lowered, so that they have to pay more.  You wait weeks to go on Welfare or not, depends on the mood the employed in Government, decide whether you can have it or not.  You go through Unemployment and they say every thing is fine in your State, so the last tier that is life and death for you is taken away.  And the snowball small starts to race down the hill into a snowball that buries you.  When you write 2 Congressman, an Ex-Governor, the President and John Boehner, each tells you something other then what the media has said and Employment Agencies.


2 Congressman in my State alone said:  9.8% unemployed

1 Ex-Governor 10% unemployed

1 said President - writes a letter that has been written before - so doesn't mean much.

1 said John Boehner talks the talk, but isn't worth the words set on paper.  Doesn't mean much to him!


The Media here says 7.5%, but when asked Unemployment Agencies in my State and looked for work for the city recently and took their test - this is the answers I received.


Unemployment Agency one of them of many said:  "Where are you getting your information from, we see loads of people looking for work every day."


A city employer told me this yesterday night just before test time:


300 people looked for work for a Secretary for the Fire Department.

200 people looked for work for a Secretary for the Police Department.

39 people + myself were looking for Library Page at 96.00 an hour, that doesn't even pay the bills.


Add those numbers up 540 people showed up and 3 people out of that bunch got work.


So who do you trust in society?  Who do you trust in Government?  Is this all leading up to something really bad happening in this country, where people are taken elsewhere and taken away from their families, never to be seen again. 


My conclusion to all this from hearing from creditors and the Government:  Die or get a divorce or hospitalized, then we will help.




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Reply couth11
1:30 PM on June 4, 2011 
Many of the jobs advertised are actually one job advertised by multiple staffing agencies. Others just don't exist at all. So there are even fewer jobs actually available to job seekers.

I have put together a small blog, and I am hoping people will use the comment section (or email me, if needed) to list everything tangible and not, that they have lost since losing their jobs. I would like to turn it into an informal impact statement that shows exactly how people have been impacted by the economy and current economic policies.

Reply jazzy30
9:14 AM on March 23, 2011 
Wow I feel to. That why I been doing a little research on are government. Its not looking good out here.
Check out ( Obama Deception ) and ( NWO ) on youtube or google search it.